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Black Jack Online

The most popular banking game played in the world, also knows as Vingt-et-Un, Blackjack is an exciting and easy to pick up game which although seeming to be quite random in how it is played there are techniques you can use to improve your chances and odds.

Basic Black jack is played with one or more decks of cards where the player is dealt two cards and the object of the game is for your cards to total 21, or as close to as possible, without "busting" - totalling more than 21. "Stick" if you are happy with your cards total, "Hit" to receive an additional card, "Double" to split your matching cards into two hands to play against the dealer (at double the bet).

You can see the first of the dealers cards before you play your hand.

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Blackjack Dealer Play

The dealer (or house) in blackjack plays after you have completed your hand "Stick". If you have "Bust" - the cards in your hand total more than 21 then the dealer wins and takes your stake without playing his cards.

Presuming you have not "Bust" then the dealer will play his hand and there are some house rules to his play - usually that he will "Stick" and take no further cards from the deck once he has reached 17 or more.

Blackjack Tip - when the dealers first card is a seven and you believe (possibly through card counting blackjack) the next card he is dealt will be a 10 then just aim for your cards to total 18 to win that hand.

Blackjack Betting System

This system is a classic betting system that can be used by just about anybody, ensure your own "Bankroll" (available funds at the table) is sufficient for this method.

Example "Bankroll" $200

Basically the starting stake, in this case $5 is doubled every time a loss is experienced and reset to the original stake $5 when you win. So $5 bet - hand lost, $10 bet - hand lost, $20 bet - hand won therefore the bankroll is now $205 so the $5 stake is reintroduced. You are ahead. Well done :-) I use this betting system every time I play

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Fair Blackjack Casino

In the pursuit of good honest blackjack online we researched some of the casinos offering blackjack and found there are a few online casinos who are, shall we say, less than honest.

The casinos we suggest are proven to be honest and have often undergone strict compliance testing by the worlds foremost authorities to prove they are genuine and true.

We have found a game of blackjack free for you to play now - just click on the table below and the game will instantly open in full screen for you to enjoy ...

BJ Surrender Multihand 5 

Free play blackjack online finds games for you to play online black jack free!

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